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I think My laptops Cpu is running way too hot. I have an i7 920xm, core 0,1,2,and 3 are at 60c. core 0 load is 7%, core 1 load is 22%, core2 is 11%, and core 3 is 5%. Is this normal ?
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  1. Your laptop will run warm; 60c isn't unusual. The heatsink is much smaller in any laptop. IF you're not getting any system instability, I would leave it alone. But you can get a laptop cooler that mounts under your system and provides additional cooling for only a few dollars. Frys has had them under $10 after rebate.
  2. Thank You, well thing is when I run Dolphin ( emulator) my system heats up then shuts down. will a laptop cooler bring my temp down atleast 5c ?
  3. Probably. Worth a try. Most have two fans.
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