AMD gaming build $ 800-900!

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  1. I'd shoot for a quad core X4, minimum...

    GTX570 is available for perhaps $40 more as well....; cooler, quiet.
  2. That mobo has crossfire not SLI so get a HD 6870 or 6950.
    More and more games use more than 2 cores:
  3. I agree, for the 6870 so that you have the option of crossfiring further down the line.

    If you plan on trying to use the core unlocking feature of the board to unlock that dual core to a quad..... just remember its not a sure thing.

    with that said reports are few and far between of anyone having troubles unlocking their calisto's and heka's.
  4. The 970 is a load of BS, not worth what its cost is. The 955 performs just as well and the 970 and 955 overclock to basically the same level. So I would say the 955 is the choice.

    Mobo-wise, I think you should pick up an Asrock 870 Extreme3. USB 3 and SATA 6 support, cheap and great for the price. The 6950 would be a good option at that resolution. WoW also doesn't exactly have that Crossfire SLI support that is so spoken about. Most Blizzard games are really one GPU games, so I suggest a 6950, 6870 (maybe...), or a 570. All around the same price point.

    Memory is bleh, I like mushkin, cheap and fast.

    HDD, the WD Black's ride on the name Western Digital. For the lower price of 70$ the Samsung F3 1tb performs better (as miniscule as HDD performance is but is still better) it's cheaper, and also a great respected company. Plus the Samsung F3 is probably one of the best SATA 3 HDD's out there.

    Kingwin.... That's actually not a bad choice. I mean not exactly a reconized company but looks to be a great PSU. One suggestion you could look into if you don't like that kind of flashi-ness is

    Great reviews, HardOCP did a review, they said the XFX 750's performance is actually quite close to the 80+ Gold mark, just barely not making it. So defiantly a great choice.
  5. The 970 is a better choice for those who would like to not overclock, as that .3 ghz does make a little bit of a difference. When you have a budget like his, why underbuy?

    ASUS is a better quality brand than ASRock. They have quality and history on their side. That's not to say that the ASRock is bad, just that there's a larger sense of security buying an ASUS.

    The 6950 is trash. I'm an AMD fanboy, and I can tell you it's not worth it at that cost. The 6870 is a far better deal. The 6950 is AMAZING in crossfire, but as a single card solution is BARELY beats the 5870, where the 6870 is on the 5870's tail, making the 6950 invalid.

    Kingwin makes their own PSU's. That's why I chose 'em. Most companies buy rebranded Seasonics.

    Again, you can't go wrong with the Antec.
  6. Ok, I agree the 6950 is probably one of the downfalls, but I didn't just suggest that... I suggested the 6870 that you have stated and the 570 as well. I'm just giving options.

    .3ghz barely makes the difference. I know it does have a tiny effect but it isn't worth paying 40 more dollars. That's just absurd. The 955 is a better buy IMO.

    As for mobo-wise, asrock has great history as well. Sure older boards didn't show that. But the current Asrock boards are much greater value than Asus. There isn't a difference of "security" with Asus because Newegg will refund/RMA all the same if something goes wrong.

    Of course, if OP wants asus then Asus it is.

    About kingwin, making their own psu is a great thing. But even though XFX is rebranded Seasonics, their great rebranded seasonics. Cheap too. XFX is a great company with lifetime warrenty so you can go wrong with that. Plus Seasonic is a great brand, their is reasons for rebranding them.
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