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Greetings and thank you for viewing my post.

I recently decided to upgrade my ATI HD2600 pro to the newer Saphire ATI 5770 (link) . But when firing up my unit i simply get no display what-so-ever, not even a BIOS post message. But i can hear the computer still running. For obvious reasons am unable to know if its booting windows, this computers always been very silent and the CPU/HD light barely flashes. However, my monitor never flashes "No Signal", which is unnerving because it tells me something is active.

Ive upgraded my power supply to 500w, as the requirments are 450w. I verified the power supplies integredy via meter. Ive flashed my BIOS to the most recent revision 0414. Ive disabled all onboard graphics and sound. Ive alternated threw the 3 available display ports on the back of the card. Ive removed my CMOS battery for a reset. Nothing on my system is tweaked or overclocked. The card is a PCIe 2.0 but ive read all such hardware is compatible with earlier revisions.

Its possible the unit is simply DOA. But reviewing several forums online I've become hesitant to send it back for RMA. Ive only seen two general problems with this card; one of which describes my exact same trouble. The fix; changing a PCI frequency and updating BIOS, Ive updated my BIOS but see no options regarding PCI and its frequency.

If i slap the old gfx card back in, everything works fine and dandy.

My PC:
Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 @ 2.40 Ghz
Asus P5QPL-AM (G41 series 4 chipset)
4GB Corsair paired DDR2
Win7 64bit Home Premium
...if theres anything else relevant i'll repost.

This is a mail order card, and Im especially hesitant to return via RMA because it will take 2 weeks before i see the card again. Im likely to have a seizure if the replacment still didnt work. The part thats bugging me the most is that i came across a forum where a guy was bragging about his system (the same mobo) and procceded to share his joy regarding his new ATI 5770 he installed. So it should be compatible right? I dont believe everything i read on the net thou~

Thanks again, and i look forward to your responses.


** Id like to mention i witnessed some strange behavior while the new card was installed. Twice out of twenty boots with the card installed i experienced a black screen with a thin grey bar across it... no idea what that means.
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  1. What make and model is the power supply your using?
  2. Power supply shouldn't be a problem. I'm thinking you need to look into PCI Express settings and adjust them in the bios. First ensure that Memory Remap Feature is [Enabled] and Initiate Graphic Adapter is [PEG/PCI] in the bios. Next under [Advanced]/[JumperFree Configuration] start playing with PCI Express Frequency [try 90] and then keep moving it up by 1 to see if the card starts to work. This is where others have mentioned that you need to play with the PCI settings. If you had recommendations from the other information you were looking at refer to that reference. Give it a try and let us know how it goes.
  3. Worked! Fantastic!

    I set it at 90 like you suggested. I get a display finally and Windows loads. I installed the newest Catalyst drivers and all seems well...

    Until 10 min pass and suddenly the mouse, keyboard and all other USB devices freeze. Then the screen turns white for 5 sec.

    At this point it will do one of three things. It will sometimes cut to a BSOD. At times during this stage the screen will turn black and the computer is unresponsive. Other times it will come back to life, and a error message in the system tray displays the error "Display Driver AMD stopped responding and has successfully recovered". Its only a matter of time past this point it finally crashes.

    When the computer is turned on either via cold start or restart it will sometimes halt after BIOS forcing the screen black and flashes a text input line... like that of DOS. I cannot type of course.

    BSOD info:
    Local ID: 1033
    BCCode: 116
    BCP1: FFFFFA8003D954E0
    BCP2: FFFFF88004206c80
    BCP3: 000.. etc
    BCP4: 000.. ends with 2

    The PC runs fine in safe mode.

    This is sounding like a driver issue now. Ive only removed one problem to uncover another. But thats how things are fixed things i guess haha.

    **I tried bumping up the frequency but the system becomes unresponsive when i increase it.

    Thanks again for your time!

  4. Moving onto the next step, ive investigated the idleing issue when faced with windows 7 2D. Im about to try the method shared in another forum describing how to manually control my clock idle speeds. Ill let you all know how it worked.
  5. Its now shutting down sooner than before~ Even the BIOS config panel display corrupts...

    I had windows load once out of 5 boots... started to modify the clock and profile. Then it crashed.

    Little frustrated right now.

    So if the BIOS config panel image sometimes corrupts, is that pointing back to a DOA card again? There seems to be too many issues with this card. I miss the good ol' AGP days. Everything worked, albiet slowly.
  6. RMA the card. You can't consider that bearable. It could be many different things, to bad you don't have another computer to try it in.
  7. **update**

    The card simply does not want to work with PCIe 1.0.

    I have the card working in another system. Works fantastic. So it is not compatible with the Asus P5QPL-AM (G41 series 4 chipset).

    The end.

    ~thanks everyone for your help.
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