My modem only allows WEP usage while my router is using WPA

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I have recently got my old modem out of the box and installed it on my old computer. After installing, it seems that my old modem only uses WEP while my netgear modem uses the WPA.. so now i'm unable to connect to my router due to the difference in passcodes or whatever.. anyone have a solution to this problem? Thanks in advance!
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    Neither of the devices you are trying to use is a modem (I hope). One of the devices is a wireless adapter and maybe one is a wireless router. But I'm not psychic.

    If the router is the older unit you refer to it may be 802.11b and the wireless adapter may be 802.11g and should work with it, but may not.

    Turn off wireless security in the router (to see how download the manual from the maker's site if you've lost the literature which came with it).

    If the two can then connect, see if you can get the wireless adapter to accept a WEP passphrase.

    If this doesn't help, do the following:

    Actually look at the pieces of equipment and figure out what they are by the model numbers etc and Googling those.

    If the Router is old 802.11b generation and the Adapter is 802.11g or n you might as well replace the router (or if I'm confused, perhaps replace the wireless adapter).
  2. hehe sorry, your psychic abilities are correct.. but i found out that because my wireless modem was too old and did not support WPA. I bought a new wireless modem and all is working well now, thank you so much :)
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