Can't Get 2nd PCIe Slot to Recognize Video Card

Hello everyone.

I have had an ASUS P5N-E SLI for about three years now. For all of that time up until a few weeks ago, I ran a dual-monitor setup off of a PCIe EVGA 9600GT. I recently got hooked on, and I was checking out the three monitor setups. I know they're not a good combo, but I had an ATI x1950 Pro lying around, so I figured that I'd pop it in the 2nd PCIe slot and run a third monitor off of it. I know that it wasn't going to run SLI and I didn't want it to. My ultimate goal was three monitors.

Long story short, Windows doesn't see the card. If I pull the EVGA and put the ATI in the main slot, the ATI works fine. I read that just a card installed in the 2nd slot should work and that didn't work either. I've tried everything including resetting the BIOS, played around with the SLI installation card, and pulled everything from the machine except for the video cards to eliminate power problems.

I'm close to throwing in the towel and picking up a new MB. Any ideas?

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  1. one thing i can tell you is that MB is junk. I have set up SLI on that motherboard, just had to do the software configurations. I think you're really going the wrong direction fooling with the hardware, I'd imagine it's just a matter of getting the software to recognize it more than anything. just out of curiousity did you flip the card over on the motherboard between the two pci-e slots?
  2. Thanks for responding Frizzo.

    Yeah, I flipped the card, removed the card, and tried every permutation in-between. I've been real happy with the performance of this machine overall and I'm not in the mood to upgrade everything right now.

    The thing that's leading me to believe that the port is shot is the fact that it throws the 'no video installed' beeping (1 long - 3 short) when I try any card in that slot with nothing in the primary. From what I've read, the video should work in either slot.

    Because of my investment in 8GB of DDR2 and a Quad-core Q6600, and that I'm still happy with the overall performance, I'm looking at just replacing the MB for now.

    Anyone have any experience with the EVGA nForce 780i or better yet, a recommendation for a replacement MB making use of the Q6600?
  3. just play it safe and try to find a good p45 board.
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