Need Help ASAP PLZ

hey guys i am new here so i dont know where should i submit this post so forgive me.
I ran into some really F**ked troubles last night. Due to heavy rain and my windows was left open with a little gap, water has poured in to my bedroom. when i came home i opened the case and saw water on motherboard, graphic card and power supply, as soon as i saw it i knew the disaster has struck. i got a dry tower and dried everything even used a hair blower for 5 mins.
this is my pc set up:

mb: ASUS P8P67
cpu: i7 2600k
gfx: ATI 5870
ram: g skill 2133 mhz ddr3
psu: Corsair 650W

I have got the following failures:
1. pc power is on and a long 4 beep which no signal on the monitor, found out water has caused a short circuit on the 5870, so i grabbed my ATI x800 backup and it solved the first issue
2. pc power is on and failed to stay on before the bios menu then it turned itself off and restarted, which started working again
3. No sound with plugs connected to the mb or aftermarket creative sound card, but on the windows sound manager volume is on 100% and sound bar is moving with music on but nothing.
4. Soon after a few mins the pc turned itself off.

Can anybody tell me any advice? pretty sure the gfx card is gone, i dont know if its the psu is causing the turn on / off and sudden shut down, no sound could be caused by water on the MB?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Welcome! Sorry to hear about your problems. My suspicion would go towards the motherboard on the power issue.
  2. i see, guess i have to wait for the asus to release their sata fix as an excuse to swap for a new mobo, thanks
  3. personally i would have dismantled the pc and let it dry for about 3-4 days at room temp. as water can get under chips caps and sockets basically lots of places a towel or hair dryer cant reach...

    but yeah take the opportunity and send your board back as part of the recall. don't say its damaged. just box it and rma it.
  4. +1
    If it is not B3 chipset that is a solution!
  5. thanks guys, i have contacted the reteller which i bought my motherboard from and said the revised mb should be out in april. My 5870 is not so lucky, the reteller which i bought it from has been closed down, sent an email to xfx but no reply which i still got 5 months left on the warranty. so bad
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