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Recently I made a new build and originally installed Windows XP as was having Windows 7 installation errors and such, with Windows XP I was fine and could use my DVD drive perfectly fine, upon finally being able to install Windows 7 my DVD drive has completely ceased working.
It worked perfectly fine with Windows XP and before I installed Windows 7 I could run disks and my drive had no problem recognising disks, now any disks that are used with my drive do not work at all and when I try to open them from My Computer the disk tray ejects and tells me, "Please Insert a Disc into Drive K:"

I've tried changing the path, using the Windows own DVD drive checker (which told me a fat load of nothing really, just that my DVD drive doesn't support the disk, though it has before and has just ceased to with Windows 7's installation) I've also tried recalibrating the laser by holding eject from boot. I'm stuck fast with ideas on how to fix the drive and I'd rather not buy a new drive if it's just because of the OS having a hissy fit with it.

If you could help in any way at all then I would be most appreciative. Thank you.
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  1. Hi dyaxiz,

    You did not make any hardware changes right?
    Then the problem most probably is no drivers for the drive. Do you know the brand and model of the drive? Have you checked on the brand website for compatibility with Win7?

    Hope that helps
  2. Try this;
    Right click on My Computer -> manage. Select DVD drive and right click -> change drive letter and paths and change the letter to an unused one.
  3. @Gefthebest - No, didn't make any hardware changes. I only changed my OS and it decided to do this, I've been doing searching all night and have yet to find a solution. I've tried a few things, updated to the most recent software for my drive and have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the thing to no avail, among other small tidbits around it. This is a nightmare.
    The drive is a 'Samsung SH-S223 22x DVD±RW DL & RAM SATA Optical Drive', and I'm just finding out that a lot of Windows 7 users are having similar problems with this drive.

    @mosox I already did try changing the drive path, as I said in the first post. I've tried several different unused paths and they all don't work. The original path was unused as well so I'm struggling to find out what the reason is behind the drive stopping working.
  4. Hi,

    Sorry, I don't really know what else to tell you then to contact the maker of your PC or Samsung and tell them the problem... They will probably make you do all the stuff you already did but after than you might be able to get an exchange/upgrade/refund for it seperately...

    Good luck (:
  5. It was self-built and I do believe it is a problem with Samsung's devices and their compatibility with Windows 7. I'll try and give them a ring (probably on their premium rate number!) after Christmas holidays are over. Though I know how these 'help lines' work, I bet that I won't get a single thing fixed with them. I have a feeling there is a hardware to software clash with the Windows 7 OS.

    Thank you guys for your time and help, it's really appreciated.

    If anyone else can suggest any other possible fixes in the mean time then it would really be appreciated. As you can all tell, this situation is about as fulfilling as smacking my head against a brick wall.
  6. Check in the device manager at the ide ata atapi controllers - expand, right click on all of them/properties/advanced and make sure all of them are set DMA not PIO.
  7. I've just looked at those things and only one of them has DMA enabled in the list and the rest have no options at all. I'm a bit confused here, apologies if I'm missing the point entirely.
    I'm looking at the right section as you've described but only one has the appropriate DMA enablement and the rest contain no information at all under advanced.
  8. I'm afraid you need to reinstall your XP. Save all your stuff from My Documents first. Or try a restore point
    All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/System restore
    and see if you find any restore point before all that happened.
  9. I'm on Windows 7 and really? I didn't think it was that severe. Could you give me any backlight on to what has exactly happened & what is wrong since I'm rather in the dark about what these devices are and such.
  10. If you used an USB stick at any point insert that stick again.

    Also try this:
    Remove the drive from Device Manager (Device Manager/DVD drive/right click->uninstall and reboot the system.
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