Problem with mobo or PSU?

Hey guys,
I really need some answers..
In the past few months, I first ordered a GeForce 210, it was no good.
Just recently I bought a GeForce 240 because I thought the GeForce 210 I ordered was defective and still, the GeForce 240 was no good.
I contacted EVGA support today and they told me it's either a broken slot on my mobo or my PSU isn't strong enough. What's the problem?
I have a 300W +12V 19A PSU, enough to run the GeForce 240.
The problem is, When I put the card in my computer, it gets stuck on the BIOS screen.
Help a poor fellow out please~ :'(

EDIT: This is my PSU by the way, ( Came with my HP pre-built computer )
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  1. ct1615 said:
    sounds more like a mobo issue. two hamsters on an exercise wheel can power the GT 210

    Well my PSU is around 6 years old. Could that be the case?
  2. Before you buy something is good to visit Toms Hardware web bage in charts (graphic cards) GF 240 consume 140 watts in 2d you can see it here:,Marque_fbrandx876,2494.html

    and 225 watts in 3d you can see it here:,Marque_fbrandx876,2495.html

    There for with 300 watts PSU is impossible to work it you need at list 650 watts PSU to be sure ,also you must connect to your motherboard a power cable for the CPU and a power cable to the card there is no other way.
  3. 6 years ago would have just been the release of PCI-E slots. It was the same year I bought my old system, I should have waited a month as I purchased an AGP board and was stuck with a 6800gt until this year.
  4. ct1615 said:
    possibly but the GT 210 draws so little power. its basically like adding an extra fan to your PC. what PC do you have if its 6 years old? it has a PCI-E x16 slot, correct?

    I own the famous HP pavilion a1320n heh.

    And no, I have a single slot of the PCI-Expess 1.0
  5. so should I just RMA my card?
  6. ct1615 said:
    i think your card is fine, you can always take it to a PC store to have it tested. although if they tell you its dead and try to sell you a better card I would run out of there.

    its more then likely your motherboard, possibly your PSU. without a second PC you can't really tell.

    yes, it's most definitely my mobo. sucks :'(
    would it help if i got this lol?
  7. My frient ct1615 i have a UPS and i always check my computers watts load to the Power Panel you can see my system power consumption while i'm writing this in here:

    it's 198 watts in idle mode and i have gigabyte HD5770 overclocked 895 hz GPU if i run it in 850 hz GPU in idle mode i have only 171 watts so everyting i post is very well checked be sure of that. Our frient is telling us his system "it gets stuck on the BIOS screen" this means (assuming he had connected the power cable to his card and also the power cable for his cpu to the motherboad) that his PC has no power to start or something isn't well in his installation.

    I mean if he overclocked and his CPU, RAM (most of them do) is very possible to brake 300 watts limit for sure. Toms Hardware charts are also in idle and under stress are you clame is NOT good to take a look in it before you do something? I say it's a must.

    Ps: in 198 watts is also my TFT monitor power consumption but the +27 watts in +45 hz in GPU it gives you a pretty good idea what overclock means in watts consumption, i suggested 650 watts PSU means he can overclock almost everything, even in some cards he can do a SLI or a CF with safety in the end if needs to be sure he must have a PSU like that.

    Ps2: Correction its only +18 watts in idle mode. Running HD5770 with the settings in Catalyst 10.10 to 895 hz Gpu 1200MHz DDR5 RAm (the default was 850 1200Mhz RAM) in Catalyst BUT it was running the HD5770 the GPU in 157 Mhz 300Mhz ram in 2d idle mode with the default settings. With 895Mhz to GPU in Catalyst the GPU is running in 400 MHz and the memory in 1200 Mhz idle mode giving better results in 2d.

    SneakyNoob i'm done from this thread.
  8. There is NO point and it will help NOONE to argue in public our frient wrote he can't get the bloody card to work in his combo. And i wrote my Combo is idle in 171 watts couse i have alote of staff conneted (this is NOT a topic for this thread) and i HAVE proven the overclock to HD5770 is 0.4 watts per Mhz you have proven NOTHING.

    Also i give as an answere the Toms Hardware Charts,2494.html
    is the idle charts you will see your 240 1 watt more than 5770 couse is done in the same PC. What do you mean if i get the 240 will have better watts consumption? you must be out of your mind. Toms Hardware tests are the BEST tests ever you gonna argue and with them? you dont have the equipment to say what is your power consumption now.
  9. In TOMS hardware 2d IDLE i see Nvidia Geforce GT 240 237 watts ATI Radeon HD 5770 245 watts you are right i have alote off staff to do forgive me i waste your time.

    You are giving the 3d power drow link not the idle link and in there the power drow of Nvidia Geforce GT 240 is 225 watts and the ATI Radeon HD 5570 is only 198 watts in end what resolts do you read i really have no clue.
  10. well, the evga support told me to get a new PSU. I guess that's what I'll do. time to cancel my RMA hehehe
  11. Yes SneakyNoob this what i also suggest to you to do and what resolts ct1615 reads only he knows.
  12. were did i post reviews ? i did post my power consuptions from MY UPS. I used the 2d idle links of toms hardware couse in there you see your 240 to dow more energy than the radeon were is your problem really ?
  13. now now guys, settle down. you guys were both really helpful to me and I really appreciate it. now can't we all get along? :)
  14. I did a report to moderators couse his behaviur is out of controll and i'm out of here.
  15. We're done here. Work it out via PM.
  16. Im closing this thread, we all need to calm down.
    If you cant show youre right thru comunicating, then whats the point?
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