Did I fry it?

Just bought a new i7 2600K and a Gigabyte Mobo. Installed a 3rd party fan meant to be used with a socket L1156, but the connections looked identical so I went for it using Arctic paste. Seemed to be fitted ok. Doesn't post - or rather if it does I can't tell cause there's no signal to the monitor. I get my speaker beep, some clicky sounds, the fans all come on ok, but no visuals.

Some qs:

1) can you fry a CPU in less than a minute these days with improperly installed heatsink / gel / dirt getting onto the processor in some way (I've done it before, so I thought I'd done everything fine...)?

2) do my healthy sounds prove anything beyond that I've wired it up ok? Do they suggest life?

Let me know whether you think I've killed my new rig.
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  1. Double check did you connect properly all your cables to your motherboard and check did you place the gpu properly, if you didnt install the heatsink properly the cpu would overheat [altough the cpu shouldnt stress alot during Windows load] - when the cpu starts to overheat [goes above 100c] the PC would shut down. Most likely there is a problem with your gpu or the cable for your monitor.
  2. Well for one thing, I've run my Phenom II X2 without properly installing my heatsink. It should still post, but run with instabilities.

    If a CPU goes beyond a certain temperature threshold, they first underclock and undervolt, if that fails they switch themselves off.

    Also, coolers compatible with 1156 are compatible with socket 1555.
  3. Sounds like a VGA problem...as you said no signal to the monitor. Are you using onboard video or a dedicated GPU?
  4. Well, I didn't connect the power LED cables cause I couldn't be bothered. But I connected the ATX cables, the cables for the fans, the HDD LED, the powers and reset switches and the internal speaker. Oh and the SATA. I mean, what else is there? I'm probably gonna take it in the shop to get looked at tomorrow. I'm thinking maybe it's my graphics card or possibly my monitor cable's adaptor. Both are getting upgraded next month and have seen better days. I hope it's one of those.
  5. Oh, it's a 9800GTX btw...

    Side note, I'm running it with a 3rd party fan, but I've had overheating problems before, and a 3rd party heatsink fell off today of it's own accord - but from a row of chips where I believe there was no heatsink at all on stock cooling. Here's hoping that's the issue.
  6. Do yourself a favour and buy a Hyper 212+ or install the stock heatsink.
  7. Oh, the 3rd part heatsink was part of a set - each of the other chips has it's own heatsink, it's just one area that doesn't. Like I said it's a part that wasn't covered by stock anyway. But I still think the issue may be the card, so I'm getting it tested today.
  8. Something I did stupidly once - installed a video card but plugged the video cable into the MB video port. Knowing that you did not do this, was the BIOS updated to refect the video card addition?
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