Phenom x6 3ghz or Core i7 870

Hello all, I'm new but not to computers. Ihave made several PCs before but im having trouble deciding between the 2 cpu's in the title. I'm on a $1400 budget and want this PC to last 3-4 years. I will be gaming with it, watching movies, and music.
Heres what i got picked out so far:
5) (my safety drive)
6) (boot drive) Will buy the Sata II version if my mobo wont support the 6gb/s
Any suggestions for the cpu and mobo would be greatly appreciated (and an inexpensive cpu fan/heatsink for that matter)
USB 3.0 on the mobo would be nice but not a necessity
If I go the AMD route, I would want to OC it
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  1. thoughts anyone?
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    id get an i5 760 + p7p55de-pro mobo. you'll see no benefit at all from a x6 amd or i7-870 in gaming. grab a hyper 212+ and you can easily get over 3.8ghz on the i5.
  3. You really think the i5 will do the trick? and what about a hdd? ive heard good things about the spinpoint.
    thanks for the help
    Also that mobo is a bit pricey is it worth it?
  4. Its a great drive. i think for the amount your spending on the caviar you can get a 1tb spinpoint, and its just as good.

    Forgot to mention though that you might wanna wait a little. in several weeks the new line of cpu's from intel are coming out. You might want one of those instead. Up to you though. The only thing the i7 or x6 will do better is video encoding faster, and i see you didnt list that you'd be doing any of that so the i5 will do just as good as the other 2 in gaming.
  5. yeah thanks i think will go with the spinpoint and the i5. but do i really have to spend like 180 on the mobo?
  6. You can get the cheaper version, $120 or so if you dont plan on getting another gpu.
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