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Hi,i am thinking of changing my graphics cards. I have two 4870`s at the moment but i have to say that i have been somewhat disappointed at the performance in crossfire. I have recently brought the new F1 game and the game runs far better with one card than in crossfire. Dirt 2 also runs better with one card. i am not looking at spending mega money i just want a single card with at least the same power as the two cards so that i can get full potential out of my gaming. I have a AMD Phenom BEx4 2.4Ghz @3Ghz so i guess i have to be carefull not to bottle neck the card. So this is why i am asking you guys for advice,i prefer ATI cards but i am open to suggestions.
Any help would be very much appriciated.
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  1. two 6870s (which are supposed to be sightly faster than a 5850 and around the same as a gtx 470) seem to scale very well and consume low power. Also they scale very well in crossfire, much better than 5 series and certainly better than 4 series, also also a single 6870 is around the same performance as two 4870s in crossfire

    also the 6870s in crossfire usually beat out the 5970 and 5850 crossfire by a significant margin, very good price/perf ratio
  2. Maybe you could wait for the HD 69xx
  3. Either wait for a 69xx or look at the GTX470. The have decreased in price since the 68xx series came out.
  4. Yeah IMO look at a 6870, it's good price/performance.
  5. Ok,thanks very much for the advice,i really do appriciate it,just one thing,would any of the cards that have been mentioned be bottle necked by my CPU?
  6. just been looking at both the 6870 and the 5850,they are both priced about the same and both have similar specs,the 5850 will beat the 6870 in one area but then the 6870 will beat the 5850 in another area,so which one of these two would you guys go for? I am ruling out the GTX470 because i have a AMD motherboard,weather that makes much difference i dont know.
  7. I'd get the 6870 over the 5850 I think, although it does seem that the 6870 can't OC as much because it's stock clocks are already quite high.
  8. wolfram23 said:
    I'd get the 6870 over the 5850 I think, although it does seem that the 6870 can't OC as much because it's stock clocks are already quite high.

    i agree with wolfram, I am pretty much in the same boat as you and I'm planning on going with a 6870 or waiting for a 6900 series card. Overall the 6870 is a good buyand the best choice for you.
  9. Thanks for all the replies,i would rather ask you guys rather that get some waffle from a guy in a store who will just sell anything to me. Would my CPU be ok with the 6870,would i get full potential out of it if i leave it clocked at 3Ghz?
  10. I doubt any bottlenecks would be noticeable, especially at 1920x1080. I mean you might gain a couple FPS by OCing higher, but that's about it. Especially as newer games start to get better multithread optimizing. In single or dual core optimized games, then there is more potential for a CPU bottleneck, but still, I really wouldn't worry too much about that. If you decide to OC to 3.4 or 3.6ghz or something for fun, go for it and enjoy but yeah, I doubt there's a whole lot to worry about.
  11. Many thanks for all the advice,looks like its a 6870 then,i think the 69** will be a little pricy on release,so ill go with the above,oh and i am running 1920x1200 on a 24" monitor,but i dont think that will make much difference. Thanks again,very much appriciated.
  12. Ok,since i posted this and you guys where kind enough to help me out i got to thinking,a couple of you mentioned that maybe i could wait for the 69xx to come out but i did say that i did not want to spend mega money,but,and its a big but,if i were to wait and get a 69xx,which ever variant,would my pc be able to run it without my pc bottlenecking a 69xx series card. I am running windows 7 64,8Gb of OCZ DDR2 memory @1066Mhz ,a 1000watt PSU,a Asus AM2+ M3A32-MVP DELUXE motherboard and last of all a AMD Phenom X4BE 2.6Ghz overclocked to 3Ghz. I dont really want to overclock the cpu anymore as i think i will have to mess about with voltages and i am really not sure when it comes to all that stuff. I have never overclocked my memory for that reason.I built my pc in 08,so in computer terms its a bit of a dinosaur,but if i could run a 69xx to its full potential without upgrading anything else then ill be a very happy chap.I will build a new one but not for another couple of years. So the minimum i can do now to improve performance is a new GPU i think.
    Many thanks.
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