Keyboard/mouse PS2 adapter?

How do USB female - PS2 male adapters differ between keyboards and mice, besides color? Wondering more if I can use the same adapter with either a mouse or keyboard. It may be a stupid question to ask, but here it is.
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  1. You can connect a legacy PS/2 equipped mouse or keyboard to a USB connector on your motherboard using the same converting adapter. It works for either.
  2. Thanks for the reply, but either I misunderstood your post, or you mean a PS/2 female-USB male adapter.

    I have a USB keyboard that I want to conenct to a PS/2 port, do I need the specific keyboard usb-ps/2 adapter for this, or can I go with either the keyboard or the mouse one?
  3. Same holds true for connecting a USB keyboard to a PS/2 motherboard the same adapter will work for either a keyboard or a mouse.....

    (I stay away from the whole gender description thing it's often misinterpreted....)
  4. Well, I've finally gotten hold of a "mouse" USB-to-PS/2 adapter, and tried plugging a keyboard in the keyboard PS/2 port with it, but it didn't work after a system restart. Plugging in a mouse in its respective port worked fine. Are there also universal adapters, that work with both input devices?
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