CM GX 650W is LOUD!!!

So, as above, its very very loud. Fare enough it is almost 40Digrees atm but last night it was more like 27Digrees in my room. And still the noise persisted.

Is this normal for this PSU? I'm guessing with my room temps it is hey? Oh and its brand new. Bought it yesterday...

System spec is in my sig.
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  1. It is not uncommon that PSU's come with a faulty fan. If it is too loud return (RMA) it.
  2. Kk so read a few reviews on this baby. It seems it is very loud in general... Going to return it tomorrow and swop it out for a Corsair TX650.

    On Corsair's site they mention one of the TX650's features are a low noise fan, so should be better..
  3. + The quality of Corsair is better than CM!
  4. Exchanged for a Corsair GS700 + the difference. Much much much quieter than the CM... I R happy now!
  5. Great enjoy!
  6. I have the GX 650W power supply, my room is averaging around 20C to 24C so it's not boiling, and even so at idle it sounds like it's the loudest part of my rig :( in gaming it sounds like a bloody wood grinder! Thinking if it's worth it getting a corsair or something like the Be Quiet Pure Power 630W.
  7. I've heard the GX series does that. I personally would have gone for the HX 650, it's 80+ Gold and very well built. If you're looking to replace, I would def go with that one, or a larger one in the HX series if you plan on adding another GPU soon.
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