What PSU do I need?

Hello. I recently upgraded a little my computer adding a new processor and video card. Since I installed the video card I noticed that when I start some "heavier" game like Battlefield Bad company 2 or Test Drive Unlimitted 2 I get a BSOD. My question is - Can it be caused by the PSU since it is 350W and what psu do I need.
The configuration is:
Motherboard: Asrock Alive SATA2 GLAN
2x1gb of RAM 800 mhz
AMD Athlon 64 x2 4400+
Nvidia GForce 9500GT 1gb

I noticed that the Graphic card doesn's have a fan like my old one which was 7300gt and is supposed to be much slower.. Now the 9500GT has only a radiator and no fan . In my opinion the graphic card is overheating since I get a BSOD only when starting a game that uses the graphic card more and games like Live for speed or counter strike 1.6 don't cause BSOD... also normal working on the computer doesn't cause BSOD. Is it possible to be caused by the not enough woltage of the psu?
Thank you!
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  1. Welcome it is one of two things that it could be. PSU if older design does not have enough power on the +12 volt rail or there is not enough airflow in your case to keep the card cool with passive cooling. This can be tested easily by taken the side panel of and point a fan at the card when running one of those games.
  2. Thanks! I would try taking the side panel and will report later. BTW I read it could be a driver issue too but I installed latest drivers from Nvidia site and the problem is still occuring.
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