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Help me defeat these plastic push pins on my graphics card!

Hi everyone.

I'm trying to figure out how to remove the stock cooler from my GEforce 6800. It is held in place by two black pegs or push-pins. How do I remove those black pegs? I have been pushing them in, turning them, and yanking at their bottom 'nipples' to no avail. What is the secret? They push in, and at the bottom the little arrow-headed nipple will rise as if it's about to be ejected, but it doesn't come out even when I yank on it. ARR!
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  1. A picture would be useful.
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    I just cut them off and discard them. You can use machine screws/nuts to reattach the cooler.
  3. i finally got them...the little suckers had to be pressed in afterall....ended up breaking one of them, too. You're right, they're useless when installing another cooler.
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