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I Am Making Computer Builds For People Who Want to Build Gaming Computers :D, Please help me improve this list with Tigerdirect items, as Tigerdirect is way more popular, and have better customer service.

Tigerdirect in my opinion has better prices overall, and also even if other companies are a little better priced, they still have great warranties, and superior customer service.

i7 950 with ASUS P6TD

Asus GeForce GTX 480

6GB Ram is 1600mhz which works with i7

Hard Drive Includes 300 GB and 500 GB

850 W Ultra x3 ...


XFX 850W Black Edition Modular Power Supply

or Cheaper Version 49.99
All Built into a Sturdy Full Tower HAF

Complete List Here With Picture

Note I only want to buy from Tigerdirect as Newegg has troubled me in the pass (bad customer service). What would you recommend to add that isn't too crazy expensive but reasonable enough.

*Although newegg is a great company who really does value their customers I usually end up ordering from tigerdirect. I have noticed that tigerdirect seems to have better rebates on products. Also newegg charges tax to certain states. In addition Microsoft bing has 15% cash back on everything. Cant beat that!
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  1. So you have an actual question or, is this somewhat of a quasi-advertisement...? Gaming systems normally don't benefit much from OC'd processors, as few people buy GTX 480's/580's to play below 1080P res, where some cpu scaling actually does occur.
  2. hah newegg ftw. You sir ain't got no pancake mix!
  3. Quote:
    Tigerdirect is way more popular, and have better customer service.

    Oh really?



    Not to mention Newegg is by far more popular and rakes in much more money because of their reputation.

    Tigerdirect in my opinion has better prices overall, and also even if other companies are a little better priced, they still have great warranties, and superior customer service.

    Most products come with the manufactures warranty for X amount of time. Perhaps you mean Tiger's return policy?
    Which is pretty average. I'm unaware if Tiger sells extended warranties but those tend to be illogical anyways
    as the price of such a extended warranty on computer hardware is normally past the point of reason. The extension begins when the normal warranty ends by then hardware prices drop large amounts and you may end up paying more
    for the warranty than to actually replace the product. (There are exceptions to this rule of course)

    As for price lets examine the ASUS ENGTX480 shall we?

    Tiger - $519.99 $489.99 after the rebate which you will likely have to go to the hassle to get. Comes with a SC2 trial

    Newegg - $469.99 439.99 after rebate. Also comes with Mafia 2.

    That is quite the pricing difference between the initial price and after the rebate. In fact the prices
    are so far that Neweggs initial price is still less than Tiger's rebate. Plus it comes with a better bonus.

    So lets assume that you are indeed a everyday consumer and not actually one of the many online advertising companies today that advertise on forums and act like a average poster (they have a tendency to speak ill of major competitors in their posts as well). So do you go with the company that has a long and documented history of attempting to screw of the consumer while having higher prices? Or do you go with the competitor which while not perfect is certainly preferred by the consumers do to popularity of customer service and superior prices?
    Also please do tell us of this previous bad experience.
  4. in a hurry so no time for links sorry....but look at the gtx 570, cheaper, cooler, and on par with the 480.
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