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Hi, i bought a new pc recently and i took my old sound card from my old pc, a creative x-fi titanium soundcard, and plugged into my new pc.

And now, when i boot up my old pc now, it dont let me enter console launcher or anything, thing is, i wanna use my old settings again because i put down so much time making the sound "perfect" and i also wanna know what version i got on the console launcher/drivers etc, is it possible way about doing this without putting my new pc apart again and put it back to my old case?

like fool the program to start itself even though you have no sound card.. i only get error message "There are no supported audio device available. You need to close the application. Click OK to close the application now."
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  1. Unfortunately, not that I know of. You'll probably have to swap the card back.
  2. Is there not some cheap program either available that can trick your hardware that you got a creative card in your pc? like there is for harddrives, example "daemon tools" can trick your pc into think it got more drives then it got. or some sort of "crack" to make your pc believe ?
  3. All those drivers are available at Creative's site for Win7.
    x-fi titanium
    click all
    The Console Launcher for Win7 is on page 2 .
    3 pages of X-FI Titanium drivers.
  4. Alrdy got the program and installation CD. Just want a program to open it without the sound card connected to my motherboard.

    Might have to spend €80 to buy a new card then :\ Cba to switch cards between all the time...
  5. Hi again, I swapped my card between my computers again.

    Here is the best settings for best performance so far that i've discovered with the creative console launcher.

    Console Launcher: 2.61.35
    5.1 Speakers
    Bass Reduction: none
    Subwoofer: 100%
    Headphones: Both checked
    EAX Effects: none (0.0 dB)
    X-Fi 3D: Enabled
    Surround 100% (Stero Surround)
    X-Fi Crystalizer: Enabled (50%)
    SVM: Off
    Graphic Equalizer: Enabled (50%)
    Sound Volume: 86%
    Bass: 27%
    Treble: 50%

    Hope U enjoy! :)

    Yeah I know.. 3 pages just drivers for X-Fi titanium.. its pretty insane that it's got so many drivers...
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