Recording Sound simuntaneously from 2 different sound cards simuntaneously

I have a USb microphone attached to my computer which am using to record my voice and i have a Creative sound card already instaleld.
What i want to do is simuntaneously record my narration with some background music that i am playing in my windows media player. I am using a sound record software for this.The problem is that the software can either record my narration in my USB mike or the music that i play from media player, but not both.because i cause they recognize my mike as a new sound card..or device..So how can i solve this..?? any suggestions..
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    I'd record your voice and use a sound editor to lay the music track down afterwards. You will get the best effect and flexibility that way.
  2. So, you want to record two inputs from two devices at once into a single stream? You can't. You can lay the music down afterwards though, which is probably the better way to go about what you are trying to do.
  3. thanks guys..i got a 3.5mm jack microphone...which can go in to my creative sound card...and am using free audio editor software which will recd my snd and music simuntaneously ...i think i can go ur way also..let me try..
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