Gtx 460 vs gtx 465 for sli

Don't care about power usage or heat w/e you guys say about the gtx 465, I just want to see a comparison of the two in sli mode. Also don't tell me how the gtx 460 is cheaper / performs better. I'm not asking for that =), just for a simple chart showing how the two compare in sli :cheers:
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  1. This article shows the GTX460 768mb SLI vs. GTX465 SLI. Keep in mind that the 1gb GTX460 will be a little faster. The charts seem to favor the 460's in most, but not all, games.
  2. If your not after an opinion and you just wanted to see a reveiw of the cards in sli you should have just googled it.
  3. ^+1
    Easy as that -_-
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