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How to install GTX480 when I cant remove ATI drivers

I just got a GTX 480 to replace my 4890(ati) and in win 7 there are no ATI display driver or CCC in the add/remove programs.
Just an ATI install manager.
So where is the display driver and ccc....I do need to remove these before I install the GTX do I not?????
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  1. Yes, you need to remove them first. You can download a program called Driver Sweeper which can remove all your ATI drivers. Alternatively, you can use the Device Manager to remove the drivers.
  2. or rerun the catalyst driver installer, it will let you uninstall them as well
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    I would say definitely uninstall the old ATI drivers before installing new Nvidia drivers. It's surprising you cannot access the uninstaller from the control panel (maybe, somehow, they are already uninstalled?). There are a couple/three things you can do:

    1) Install CCleaner and use the "Uninstall" function under "Tools"

    2) You can uninstall drivers from the Device Manager:
    My Computer>Properties>Hardware tab>Device Manager>Expand the Display Adapter line>'right click' on the ATI graphics>select Uninstall and follow the prompts
    *If you do not see an ATI graphics card listed, then there are no ATI drivers loaded.

    3) Just install the latest drivers from Nvidia, currently at WHQL version 260.99, when prompted, select "Clean Install".
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