AMD Processor Chip Over Intel Processor Chip

I am on the the fence post over purchasing an AMD Phemon II Quad Core Processor and an Intel I5 Dual Core Processor, I wonder which processor would be best for a casual gamer who doe Office Applications and Burns/Records and Playback Hi Defition DVD, does video editing and burns/records CDs and Blue Ray DVDs.
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  1. Please give the exact model numbers..
  2. Laptop?
  3. Get the quad for 2 reasons:

    1. At a brief look, it seems to me your programs can likely make use of the 4 cores.

    2. Since you did not provide complete system specs, we have to make assumptions. Therefore I will assume the AMD one uses radeon graphics and the intel one uses intel graphics, which is likely. If this is the case, more than likely the AMD system will be the better gamer. But that is a shot in the dark without model numbers or complete system specs. There's more to a computer than the CPU, you know.
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