I really really need help!!!

I just got all my computer parts for Christmas, which are

OCZ StealthXSteam 600w PSU
ASRock M3A770DE Motherboard
Ati Radeon HD 5670
AMD Athlon II x3 445@ 3.1GHz
Windows 7 Home Premium

Now see, I don't know what's wrong, I'm not sure if it's the front panel of my case is hooked up incorrectly or if my PSU is hooked up correctly, I fit everything where it should go but when I try to turn it on I press the power buttong and nothing. See on my motherboard I have this orange thing for the front panel and on the manual it says that I need to hook the power switch and reset switch into one slot each but both of them have 2 pins. And the label beside POWER SW says GND... Do I have to hook something up in there? And another thing is that my power supply manual says that I need to hook up and 8-pin 12v connector to the socket thing on my motherboard but it doesn't come with an 8-pin it come with 2 4-pin CPU connectors... I really need help this was 500$ and my mom would be mad if I didn't get it to work.
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  1. You should have a 24 pin connector for the motherboard, your psu has a 20+4 so it is compatible with older mobos as well.

    The motherboard will work with with an 4 pin atx connector you just have to line it up with 1 and 5 pins as pictured above.
    GND is the ground wire
  2. What are the 1 and 5 pins?
  3. That is a "don't care". Line up the CPU power plug so that the yellow wires face the CPU socket.
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