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Running PhysX on Maximus III Formula w/ATi? (possible)?

hey there

i bought the board a while ago, and was wondering if the third(white) PCI-E slot is of any use?

probably run a nvidia card for physx...or if its good enuf for something else...

Currently -

Asus Maximus III Formula
Intel i5-750
OCZ DDR3 XMP edition 4GB 1600MHZ
XFX ATi 5770 1GB
500GB Samsung HDD
HP litescribe DVD writer

i'll have an 8600GT fatal1ty passive cooled edition card coming out of my other i thought of using it as a physX card

thank you for your time!
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  1. You're going to have to play around with some hacked drivers but it should be possible to get it to work.
  2. hmmm, googling it....

    have you heard of anyone on forums post setups with a crossfire setup with the third slot doing PhysX?

    edit # found these (in case people are looking for them as well)

    i'm struck by fever...will be back again if i feel better..and catch up on above link
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  4. What's in the 2nd PCI-E slot?
  5. oh, getting another 5770 from a relative of mine...tiz a present :)
  6. I had an 8800 GTS running with my single 5850 on an X38 mobo without issue and PhysX was working.

    Since you are hacking the Nvidia driver, and the mobo does support 3 GPUs, I think this will work. I bet the PCI-E slot speed will not be a factor as this is going to just be running PhysX, but I could be wrong (girlfriend says I've been wrong before...)
  7. ok thas something to dig into...i'll check if the PCI-E lanes matter for physx

    edit: info of bandwidth

    here they do a real world test setup:
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  9. yeah i've found my answer's :) thank you all!
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