Bad motherboard or CPU?

i7 2600k
P8Z68-V LX
Corsair 2x4GB CMX8GX3M2A1600C
Corsair TX650 v2

When i initially put the computer together it would not post, tore it down on my desk and went over everything, tried a different PSU, re-seated the ram, reset the bios, reseated the CPU and found a bent pin, after fixing that, reset the bios again, the fans spin, but i get no pc speaker noises, no video from onboard, nothing... any ideas or suggestions?
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  1. Did you replace or "fix" the CPU. Because if you "fixed" it then it could still be bad.
  2. Not yet, was trying to determine what was more likely, the board toast or the CPU, don't wanna replace both if only one is bad, unfortunately I don't know anyone with LGA1155 mobo/cpu, so swapping know working is not an option at this point.
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