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Hello All Say Im Trying To Choose The Right Graphic's Card To Upgrade The PC I Built A Couple Months Ago . Reason For This Is Because I Decided To Do More Than Just Gaming Infact I Want To Turn My Pc Into A HTPC And I Dont Know What Card To Buy Because The Mb I Install Is Gigabyte ma785gm us2h and it has on board ATI Readon Graphic's 4200 and OS win xp also i went with AMD Athlon x2 for my CPU. Right Now Im Clueless As To The Right Gaming Card I Need On One Note Im Not Looking To Go Crazy Expensive Spending A Ton Of Money On One . So Can Anyone Offer Any Suggestions It Would Be Most Helpful Ty.
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    Pick an amount your willing to spend, and BAM, there it is, might wanna wait for the next chart to come out though, I think some new cards have come out recently that might shake up the high end cards, also, if you're using a resolution less that 1920x1080, there are a lotta sub/near 100$ (USD) cards out right now. Watch the deals.
  2. We need full system specs, including power supply. as well as a budget.
    also, what res do you play at?

    Assuming your PSU can handle it, I would probably recommend a 6850.
  3. Gigabyte

    AMD Athlon 2

    1GB x 2

    Western Digital
    160 GB x 2

    READON 4200

    TR2 – 450 watt
  4. More so if you haven't OC'd your CPU I'm not sure I'd get anything better then the 5570 or 5670. A stock x2 with 2GBs of ram isn't the best for gaming. We also don't have any info on the resolution. 5570 would be a good fit.
  5. budget and resolution?

    yeah, the 6850 would be too much.

    a 5670 would be nice in there though. I wouldn't want to go any weaker than that, but it depends if you want to keep the cost down.
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