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  1. CPU- Good choice
    GPU- I would take the 6850 over the 5850 due to the fact that its performance is close, its cheaper and scales in crossfire extremely well.
    MOBO- IF you want a good cf capable board check out the asrock 870, it is cheaper and offers SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0.
    HDD- I would go with the spinpoint 1tb, better performance more storage for around the same amount
    PSU- It is ok, but I would go for a 650 from a brand like antec,corsair or sesonic. Especially if you plan on going cf.
    Cooler- go with the hyper 212 much cheaper and one of the best air coolers in it's price range.
  2. For a cooler,a safer and better performing cooler at the same price would be a Megahalems with 2xScythe S-Flex fans at 1600rpm at a push pull configuration.
    Also the psu you chose is decent but not excellent.I recommend the Antec Earthwatts 650w.
    About the gpu,zooted has a point.The 6850 is a better choice ATM.
    Finally,I'd suggest getting another 4gb of ram,if your budget is not strict.4G is enough,but 8gb offers some maneuvering space in some cases.
    We could all give you more tips if you told us what this pc will be used for.
  3. primarily moderate/high gaming. I don't really have the budget for 8GB or RAM. I need to stay under.. 800 about.
  4. I really like the Corsair Cooler, just the thought of having a little liquid cooling in my system is cool :3 and I want a quite system with minimal obstructions inside (bulky cooling tower are a no). But I'm still stumped on the PSU. I kind of wanted a modular one, but the Antec modular's were too expensive for my liking :\ anyone got any awesome and good value modular PSU's in their deck?
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