Need a fresh set of eyes for my latest ddr3 2000MHz problem

i7 965 @ 3.86GHz
12GB Patriot Viper Extreme DDR3 2000MHz @ 1867 MHz
Gigabyte X58-USB3
Top Power Bronze 800W

This is just the relevant hardware. My problem is I cannot get the RAM to operate at 2000MHz. I have tried a bclk of 143,166,200 which all allow me to change the memory frequency to 2000MHz but as soon as I do my system will not even POST. It just restarts over and over again without actually doing anything and I have to clear the CMOS to be able to get into the BIOS. Here is the RAM

I currently have a bclk of 133 which is why my current RAM setting is 1867MHz. My system is stable running prime95 using 143,166 or 200 as a bclk as long as my system RAM does not exceed 1716MHz, 1660MHz or 1600 MHz respectively. Once I change the mulitplier of any of those bclk's to get 2000MHz my system will not POST. I have set all 3 channels to 9/11/9/27 as the sticker on the RAM and the spec sheet states with a voltage of 1.64 and I also tried 1.66. This is new RAM that I just installed 2 days ago. I have a hard time believing that my RAM is faulty and is causing this problem. It has to be a setting that is not correct but I have no idea what. I also tried overclocking the RAM to 2133 with my current bclk and with the others with the exact same results. I did try the xmp setting and it also failed and all it did was change the bclk to 143 with muliplier of 14. I am very puzzled.
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  1. I found the answer on newegg's website in the customer reviews of the product. The required QPI/vtt to run this RAM at 2000MHz is up to 1.6V. This was repeated by many people who rated the product. The max allowable by intel is 1.355V. I used a qpi/vtt of 1.4 and was able to get to the windows load screen before crashing. What a load of BS. I am not running my qpi voltage to near catastrophic levels to add another 133MHz to my RAM speed!
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