Zotac 8400gs 256mb

Hi i have a (Zotac ZT-84MEG5M-HSL GeForce 8400 GS Video Card - 256MB DDR2, PCI Express, DVI, VGA, HDMI, Low Profile)GPU and i only have a 250watt psu. I will only be watching videos and casual stuff, maybe minor gaming depending on if it can handle it. Can i run this video card without problems?

Specs: (Dell Optiplex gx620
Intel P4 3.2ghz
1gb ddr or ddr2(i think)
and well 250watt psu if im correct
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  1. btw the case is SFF (Small Form Factor and cant take a lot of space obviously)
  2. aw sweet, so no problems whatsoever? (and yes i do have the low profile bracket)
  3. Even though the card i think is 300watts, it wont damage or slow down my 250watt system? Just reconfirming this before i put in. :P
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