Looking to upgrade from 8800gts 320mb

this 8800gts 320 that i've had for a couple years now is really starting to show its age. i've been playing alot of civilization 5 and fallout new vegas lately and the performance really leaves alot to be desired. my cpu is a Phenom XII 550 @ 3.10 with 3GB ram so i think i'm ok there which means my GPU is the bottleneck. i'm looking to buy asap and i'm wondering basically whats the most bang for my buck i can get for under $100 thats gonna be a significant upgrade over my current card? thanks in advance guys

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    i see the 4670 outperformed it in the fallout 3 benchmark here - is that a common thing or an aberration? can definitely find the 4670 a little cheaper than the 4850
  2. it didn't. the "CF" used at the end means it's two of those in a crossfire setup, that outperformed one 4850.
  3. Yup, a 4850 while you can still get them. Of course if you can spend a little more money then I say go for a 5750 which is running 124.99 (109.99 after rebate) on new egg which is a little faster than the 4850 and uses less power :D. You may also be tempted by the Radeon 5770 which starts at $139.99 as well as the 4870 which also starts at $139.99. Ah tough choices indeed :D
  4. thanks alot guys, i wondered what that "CF" designation meant
  5. What is the native resolution of your monitor?
  6. 1680x1050 I believe, its a 22" widescreen Acer
  7. I have the same monitor and a HD 4850 atm I am considering upgrading since I want more power for the future. Its a great card albeit a touch loud on the cooling side (needs it sadly) All in all tho it can play pretty much anything i throw at it. Good card for the money.
  8. Yeah, something in the HD4850/HD5750/GTS 250 area is the minimum you want for that resolution. If you can hold off slightly you may want to wait on a good deal on those or better cards. Thanksgiving is coming up and with it the black friday/cyber monday sales.
  9. i'm considering holding off but man, i'm addicted to fallout new vegas right now and it really is painful trying to play it with this card
  10. Yeah, your current card at that resolution isn't pretty I imagine. Here;
    That's a pretty nice deal anyway, might as well just go for it.
  11. BTW did you try the DX9 dll fix for New Vegas? Could help out a bit in the meantime.
  12. there are some GTS 250s i see on newegg for 80 bucks after rebate

    edit: nevermind i guess the gts 250 doesn't really outperform the 4850
  13. haven't tried the dx9 fix i'll definitely look at that
  14. Here is a link;
    While you are on there I highly recommend the MTUI and URWL mods as well. The first makes the menus and text much less consoley and more appropriate for a PC game. The second vastly improves the colors of the game. Here is a comparison screen shot;
  15. awesome, i wasn't sure if the modding community had gotten started on this one already
  16. The game is basically the same as Fallout 3 with a different story so most of the mods for that game just need some adjustments to make them New Vegas friendly.
  17. the 4870 for 99.99 after rebate seems like a pretty good deal
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