ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 RAM choice

Hello everyone and Happy Thanksgiving. I have just purchased the motherboard in the title as well as an i5 2500k.

Here is a link for the mobo.

Well I am looking at ram and I found this G.Skill 8gb kit on sale

My question is this. I check the QVL list on ASUS' website and the list seems rather incomplete... Only a few choices per brand and some of them didn't have an 8gb kit option. The motherboard I bought is a GEN3 board. I saw that the non GEN3 version of the board is on the RAM list as compatible. I was wondering if it would be safe to buy the ram kit even though it isn't on the QVL for my GEN3 version. Here is the RAM webpage with the non GEN3 version on the compatible list.

I plan on grabbing this RAM tonight if it will work and if it doesn't can you please suggest something that will. I really think that it will be fine, but I'd rather ask before I bought it and get something else if it won't work rather than try and return it for something else. Thanks for any help you can offer up.
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  1. I found a Corsair Vengeance kit for 15 bucks more that is on the QVL list and I'll get it in the morning if I haven't heard from someone else about the G.Skill RAM.
  2. Get the Corsair kit. Just yesterday I bought the non-Gen3 version as well as a 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600 kit.

    If you do go that route, you should get the blue colored modules. They match the board's color scheme. Excellent purchase by the way. I read thousands of reviews and they all said that the p8z68-v pro is a fantastic board (which is why I bought it hehe).

    Enjoy! :D

    Note: I read that same QVL and that is what I based my purchase on.
  3. I did get the blue kit :) . I am putting my AMD setup in another case for my nephews to play on, so my setup will be a blue and white theme. I bought some blue sleeved cable extensions for my mobo and video card, as well as some white cathodes to go along with the white LED fans that come with the Xigmatek Elysium case.

    I'm excited about the mobo, processor, and RAM I got and I love making the inside of my case look sharp as well haha. I wish it wasn't so expensive to build and upgrade computers because it is so fun to do so haha.

    Thanks for posting. I was still on the fence about my purchase, but it is nice to have another person doing a similar thing that is happy with it and has read positive reviews about the setup
  4. I have the GEN3 board. Get the Corsair Kit. I have the Vengeance Blue kit 1600Mhz @1.5v. It is on the QVL, because it was specifically tested on this board. 1600Mhz Ram will be set by default at 1333Mhz@1.5v. Change it to 1600Mhz@1.5v. This RAM functions very well with this board. So far, I haven't had any problems. Just make sure that the cooler, if it isn't water, clears the RAM. If it doesn't get the low profile vengeance blue kit. It's also compatible.
    Intel i7 2600K @4.2Ghz
    AsusP8Z68-V Pro/Gen3
    16GB Corsair Vengeance Blue 1600Mhz RAM @1.5v
    HAF X RC-942 black full sized tower
    Corsair HX1050
    Corsair H80 Liquid Cooler
    1x 240Gb OCZ Vertex 3 Sata 600
    1x 1TB WD Caviar Black WDFAEX1002
    LG SuperMulti Blue BH10LS30
    Scythe Kaze Master Pro fan control KM03-BK
    2x MSI n580GTX Lightning sli
    Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit
  5. Good deal. You'll be happier with that kit. It's a reliable performer.
  6. The 212+ only covers the first RAM slot or at least that is what I've seen so I didn't worry about the RAM heatsink. I can return it for the low profile if it causes any problems. I am going to make the jump to water cooling at the beginning of the year once I get some more money so it won't be a big problem with the CPU HSF.

    I'm glad to hear that other people are having success with what I'm trying to do. Now all I have to do is wait for the parts to arrive haha.
  7. That is correct, it only covers the first slot. If you upgrade to watercooling later, you'll have the possibly to upgrade RAM again, if it ever becomes an issue. Enjoy your new set up.
  8. Hi, I bought the same board, and i7 2600k cpu, and the G Skill 1333 16GB kit. I've had nothing but BSODs. Runs for awhile...then crashes. Blue screen. Takes three or more tries sometimes to boot up. Very unreliable, very unsteady.

    The ram is highly reviewed,...I think it's the compatibility that's the problem. It's no doubt a good thing that you got the Corsair because that's what I'm ordering tonight.

    When I first built my system last week, and booted up (I have 2 Corsair Force GT 240GB SSDs too...and they are fast...BIOS told me the Ram was configured properly, at 1333 and 7-7-7-21 CAS timing.

    Since then it's all completely screwed up.

    I did a memTest x86+ overnighter and it returned 3124 errors! Yep, I think there's a problem with the memory...or the motherboard. But it's got the latest Bios and seems to work fine when it's working so...I'm trying the memory.

    How are you making out with your Corsair sticks? Any problems?

    BTW, I have the CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ and it does encroach on the RAM's territory but there is a 1/8" space between the fan and the first memory stick. I have two fans on the 212, oriented parallel to the front intake and rear exhaust fans on the case, so they're getting straight outside airflow right through the CPU cooling setup. Rotating it the other way would block a memory slot for sure. I've also yet to see more than 26 degrees C on the CPU but because of the memory (I hope it's memory!) problems I haven't been able to do a stress test...the system crashes soon as I start Prime 95 for example.

    Oh yes, it's been fun.
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