4850x2 on a 500w psu?

i've been contemplating on getting a 2nd hand 4850x2, it costs only $120. My concern right now is the power consumption, I have read this http://www.techpowerup.com/reviews/Sapphire/HD_4850_X2/24.html and it seems that under the peak load of ~327W, my 500W Silverstone ST50F-ES 80plus standard PSU just might be able to handle it.

My specs are:
amd phenom ii x4 945 3.0GHz
MSI 870-G45 mobo
2x 2GB kingston 1333mhz
samsung 1TB spinpoint f3 HDD
+ a couple of fans here and there
+ peripherals like mouse keyboard

i dont plan to crossfire and the only upgrade i see myself doing in the future is adding an SSD. given that i do end up with a 4850x2 and an ssd, will my PSU be able to keep up?
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  1. will i be able to also overclock my CPU? currently i have a coolermaster hyper 212+ but have not yet tried to overclock, would my PSU still be able to handle it? thanks.
  2. unfortunately my PSU isnt the one you just mentioned, which is the ST50F. my PSU is the ST50F-ES, which is part of the Silverstone Strider Essentials series..
  3. If at all any differences, the ST50F is slightly better compared to the ST50F-ES.. You've no reason to worry though.. Your PSU will handle your rig adequately..
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