Windows 7 Aero. Is it on the Driver?

Please correct me if this post is not on the right thread or category.

I just installed Windows 7 in my PC, the problem I encountered is with Windows 7 Aero. I downloaded and installed drivers in my MSI K9N6PGM2-V Motherboard compatible for Win 7.

Everytime I logged in and the Windows had started, the Windows Aero is not working. I still need to open a game (i.e. Plant vs. Zombies) and then after closing the app, the taskbar became transparent (means the Aero suddenly worked).

This is not a very big issue, but I still want to fix it. Is it on the driver that I installed?

I also think about it, that NVIDIA is not starting in Windows startup, but I'm still not so sure about it. Still need more research.

Any help or workarounds?

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  1. Are you using the onboard 6100 GPU?
  2. Yes. but NVIDIA GeForce 6150SE nForce 430 is my display driver.
  3. Which driver version number? Bearing in mind that's a really weak GPU anyway.
  4. its
  5. Go to the Nvidia website and download then install the latest driver, 260.99.
  6. just installed the latest driver a while ago, but still nothing changed.

    I read a lot of forums, they said GeForce 6150SE s*cks.

    btw, I ran Windows Experience but it didn't finish there are some errors says:
    "cannot measure video playback performance."

    Had to check it out.
  7. I did say that it was a weak GPU, looks like you might have to invest in a discrete graphic card.
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