No Wireless Connections Visible in XP, cannot connect to wlan


I am running XP sp3 on a compaq b1800 notebook.
The wireless adapter is an on-board intel 2200bg
using WZC

I dont often roam with the computer so this hasnt been a problem until now. some time ago my computer stopped detecting wireless networks (broadcast SSID's) but would always connect to my router anyway. it would often say "no networks available" but actually be connected, surfing fine, etc.
Now when i have taken the computer to my old-folks house i cannot connect to their router as it wont show in the list, "no networks available".
Which is bollocks because i am using my wifes computer to write this with the wireless connection.

From what I can tell Wireless Zero is corrupted somehow. No matter how many times i reboot with the wireless adapter enabled or disabled the problems is always there. Started and stopped WZC service, more reboots. nothing works.
There should be at least two SSID's showing in the list, one is the router in this building.

This is doing my head in!
Does anyone have any ideas?


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  1. There are alternatives to WZC -- sometimes provided by the wireless adapter maker.

    I would start by testing the connection wired (ie run an ethernet cable between the computer and router). Read the manual on how to address the user setup screens in the router and check that wireless mode is correct, that SSID is being broadcast, thet Access List (that filters users by MAC ID) is disabled.

    If everything appears correct, delete the connection in Windows and create a fresh connection.
  2. Or buy a USB wireless dongle and connect via the new hardware - these are fairly cheap now and could solve your problem quickly
  3. Thanks for your suggestions.

    I have solved the problem of sorts. WZC is still broken but I found a lead on another site that suggested using the Intel Proset Wireless Connection Utility for the intel 2200bg adapter. It took a couple of goes to find the right version from intel and get that running but its all good now. They are all called the same thing for different versions and compatibilities.

    WZC is disabled and Proset is running in its place. It sees all available networks, connects automatically and keeps a good stable connection.
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