Decent Mother board for single HD 6870/gtx 560 ti

I am getting a new rig with the following specifications -

intel i5 2500k
hd 6870/gtx 560 ti or no ti
8gb ram
Corsair GS 600W PSU

My dealer recommende me the mobo ASUS P8P67 [:aford10:4] for the above. :pt1cable:
But the thing is that it's really expensive for my budget - 750-80$
I found that this mobo has crossfirex and sli support, but I am gonna us only one card ever. So is there any other Motherboard which is cheap :D and is able to support -

1 Graphics card - 6870/560 gtx
8GB (4X2 kit) :sol:

Least money possible, maybe below 70-80$!

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  1. hi
    go for asus Sabertooth P67 which is a great mobo and also has a cheaper price about $199.99
  2. Best answer
    Lower price than that for P67 motherboard i don't know where you will find
    this with Z68 :
    This is another Z68 :
    P67 and Z68 is the chipset that you must have to benefit The power and overclocking potential of 2500k.
  3. What is the difference between a p67 and a z68 motherboard??
    i mean, which of them give better performance? And which one of them is good for a decent gamer looking to play all the recent games like Skyrim, BF3, MW3, etc.?
  4. and why does evry1 prefer gtx 560?? Even tomshardware recommends 6870 for the money.
  5. c'mon dudes! nothin?? I am gonna get my system soon!!
    please reply
    thx in advance
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