Building another bunch of Gaming pc's for friends looking for advice

I Need to build another 5 computer's from scratch and i need a good build for all 5 that is as cheap as possible without sacrificing quality. These computer's MUST MUST MUST be able to play world of warcraft cataclysm in 1080p with all setting ultra.
If any of this is overkill or doesn't meet the quality standards don't be afraid to tell me and suggest a better one.

This is what i was thinking of getting

Hard drive
Power supply
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  1. this mobo combo:

    Its a little more expensive, but the 740 Mobo will throttle your HT. 880 is much better.

    5770s struggles with 1080p. a GTX 460 1GB or HD 6850 is the minimum for Ultra
    Try this model, shold be affordable with the cost savings below:
    MSI GTX Hawk: $179.99 ($20 MIR)
    to get the rebate, each friend should mail it in seperately

    try this RAM:

    this hard drive:

    Go with the Destroyer case for $44.99

    and this Xigmatek PSU for $34.99
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