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5 case show down you pick the one that i will get

hello im stuck on what case to get but i don't know what one would be good but thay look good and the spec's look good to well here thay are the azza hurrican 2000. that's one rosewill THOR. that's two Antec twelve hundred. that's three Antec DF-85. that's four COOLER MASTER HAF X. and this is five

now you can see y i cant make up my mind on what one is good i wont the best air flow and the roomiest but they all got that so your help of finding the best out of all of them will be grate and thank you for your time.
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  1. corsair 600T
  2. Silverstone RV02
  3. Df 85. I have the 1200 and if I was buying today the DF 85 with it's advanced features would be my choice.
  4. the DF 85 it is good and if i did wont to install a water cooling system with a dual 120mm fan rad it would work. but the cooler master HAF X has sum big fans in it and a lot of them and the case is a bit longer to
  5. i assume this is a gaming build, just make sure whatever case you get will physically fit the vid card of your choice.
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    I've been very happy with my Antec -- good quality construction. It heavy and durable and had lots of extra screws, etc.
  7. yes this case is going to be for gaming
  8. I'm more than happy with the HAF X I own
  9. the HAF X is a good looking case and the specs on are sweet but installing a dual 120mm rad will be a bit hard but unless i get a 200mm rad or sum thing like that
  10. i mite just stay with air cooling but if i do i will have to upgrade my cpu cooler
  11. Df85
  12. Rosewill Thor

    I have the destroyer, and its pretty awesome =)
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