get the nifty new MLAA on 5000 series cards that the 6000's have now!

OK guys. A good friend of mine found this where you can get MLAA to work with the 5000's ATI cards that the new 6000 have the option of. I guess from my understanding that this is like what the consoles do to make the graphics look better.
Morphological Anti-Aliasing aka MLAA
Apparently one can get the nifty new MLAA on 5000 series cards (free 4X post-processing AA basically).

Download the driver, extract but do not install.

And download this file:

Go to directory(where you extracted)
\Catalyst_8.782.1RC5_Win7_MLAA_Oct21\Pac kages\Drivers\Display\W7_INF\ and open CW106976.inf
Now select with Ctrl+A and copy the modded txt file lines into the original inf file.
Do the same with C7106976.inf in
\Catalyst_8.782.1RC5_Win7_MLAA_Oct21\Packages\Driv ers\Display\W76A_INF\

Restart your PC. Even if it don't ask you to.

Now start the setup and the function should be unlocked in CCC under "3D.

You should see this now in your options

I'll let y'all know if it works!!! :D
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  1. I got it to work with my 5850. not bad.
  2. In what sorts of games (DX9, 10, 11?) and how does it look quality wise? Just wondering if there was a reason they disabled it.
  3. Its coming soon, from a driver near you!!
  4. Supports all DX vers as I am aware
  5. I have used the hack few days ago.
    MLAA is essentially identical to CCC's "wide tent" AA.
    I used the driver on my 5870, and this is the results: MLAA cost MORE fps than x4 AA (box samples).
    Tested on a few games and results were consistent. Not worth hacking your drivers because u can just use x2AA on wide-tent to get 99% blurry effect.
  6. Ya, I found that I took a FPS hit as well trying it out. I was loosing about 7-8 FPS. But at least we have the option as the 6000 series have.
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