CM Hyper 212+ Adding a second 120mm fan? And other questions.

I will be getting a Hyper 212+ to get my CPU temperature down (955 BE at stock, intend to OC to maybe 3.6GHz) and reduce the noise (the stock fan is the loudest part in my case right now). I have a HAF 912 case.

I only just found out (watching a Newegg product tour video) that you can install a second 120mm fan. This is very convenient, as I took out the 120mm fan in the front of my case to replace it with a 200mm one, so I now have a spare 120mm fan. I have the following questions:

1.) How does the wiring for this work? There is only one "CPU Fan" socket on my motherboard, so will I need a fan controller to adjust the speeds of one of the fans?

2.) When installed in the case, does the 212 blow up and down or front and back? And would I be able to install the 212 such that it will exhaust upwards (where a 200mm case fan is) or backwards (where a 120mm case fan is)?

3.) I am using a GA-890GPA motherboard with 4 sticks of RAM with heat spreaders (G.Skill Ripjaws). Will these get in the way of the cooler at all?
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  1. 1) I would look to have the second fan plugged into a "SysFan" header, so the motherboard can control, just like the "CPUFan".

    2) I would install the fan in a push-pull setup going from the front to the back.

    3) It shouldn't be an issue with your memory. You have them installed first, which is the key part of when installing that heat sink so the fan isn't in the way.
  2. tecmo34 said:
    1) I would look to have the second fan plugged into a "SysFan" header, so the motherboard can control, just like the "CPUFan".

    Will this cause the mobo to treat it like a CPU fan, or would this require any sort of fan speed adjustments on my part?
  3. 1. the fan can be plugged into a molex power connector or mobo fan connector

    2. in the 912 the fan blows from front to back (into the rear exhaust) or from the bottom up into the top. one thing i don't like about the 912 is the rear fans don't align with cooler fans, the water cooling ports should have been moved.

    3. one thing of note though; while a great single fan cooler, a second fan will not make any reasonable temp decrease with the 212+.

    With two 14cm fans in push/pull configuration, the Armageddon trounced the Hyper by 6.5 C—oddly, using two of the Hyper’s stock fans instead of one barely helped the Cooler Master heatsink at all. In mounting-bracket security, looks, and two-fan performance, the Armageddon surpasses our champion. But the Prolimatech cooler costs $65 without fans. Add $28 for the two fans we tested it with, and you’re looking at more than $90 for a CPU cooler. Value-for-dollar, you still can’t beat the Cooler Master 212+.

    having played around with my own CM 212+ I have to agree with maximumpc's conclusion.
  4. I installed a 2nd fan on my hyper 212 plus making it push and pull and noticed no real change in CPU temp.
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