Confused Intel or AMD ?

At this point I am so damn confused [All thanks to my frnd whos insisting me to try AMD, since he has Phenom II x6]
[Also, came to know there something comin up named Bulldozer from AMD around Q1 2011]

Following config was what I thoguht for my 4th rig: [ $1500 +/-]

Intel i7 - 920/950/970 (Cant decide :P, but not opting for Xtreme series)
Intel DX58SO2 (Confused here between ASUS/Intel/Gigabyte)
XMS3 6 Gig Kit (PC3-1600)
Radeon 6850
Corsair TX650W
WD 1 TB X 2
BenQ G2420HD

All my prior systems were purely Intel based and I never went on to disocver the territories of AMD.

Can any one please help me / suggest / tell me, is it worth to switch to AMD? If it is, can you suggest me the config?
Or if you want me to stick with Intel, any changes that you want to suggest to the above config?

Thanks a lot
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  1. AMD's X6 series of cpus do well in heavily threaded multitasking operations, and do so for fairly minimal dollars. (For instance, perhaps if I needed to game, rip DVDs, run Prime 95, and run SETI and folding/decryption programs all at the same time, the X6 might be for me..; but, even at 3.4-4.0 GHz, quite frankly it has it's butt handed to it 80% of the time by quad core i7/950 running 500 MHz slower.) There is a small amount of overhead and subsequently a performance penalty by running an X6 sompared to a quad core in nearly all games today...

    QUite simply, Intel's i5/i7 series of cpus defeat the X4/X6 processors is about 80% of most benchmarks, even when at a 400--500 MHz clock speed deficit...but they cost about $100 more.....

    The i7/950 is at a moderately attractive price point right now, but, you might want to wait for the rash of socket 1155/SandyBridge cpus/MBs due out in 2 -3 weeks...
  2. Thanks.
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