Is it worth to upgrade a ASUS P5K system?

Hello everybody!

I have a three year old computer based on the Asus P5K, P35 Socket 775 motherboard. CPU is Core 2 duo 2,7ghz and GPU is a 880GTS with 256MB. PSU is a brandname 600W unit.

Is it worth to upgrade the computer with only a new processor (and maybe a GPU) that works with this motherboard, or should I buy a new MB, CPU and GPU?

The computer is used for gaming, but I do (obviously ;-) not aim to be able to run the newest games on the highest settings.

The general idea is to prolong the computers life about 2 years more.

The budget is between 300$ and 400$, meaning that the difference in performance must be noticable to defend going from 300$ to 400$.
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  1. I'd personally be content with older games for now (FEAR, Quake 4, Medal of Honor!), and wait until you have enough money for mb/cpu combo (new SandyBridge cpus and socket 1155 boards coming soon), at least a GTX460, and memory.
  2. Overclock the CPU and add a better GPU HD6850 or GTX460
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