Random reboots before win7 loads and other strangeness

Background info
My HTPC has been running fine for months. It is always used the same way, in that it is left on 24/7. Me and the wife either watch dvds in bed (ISO files) or TV (I have satellite connected to the htpc).
With some DVDs they loop (EG I have a father ted dvd that plays all episodes and then goes back to the first episode, forever - So its still palying when we wake up.

This week however when we woke up the computer has either been in standbye or frozen even though it was fine when we fell asleep.

The only evidence i have that its in standbye is the power button showing orange (its basically showing the computer in an "off" state but with electricity going to it - (not hibernation etc), when its frozen the only evidence is the power button being blue - the computer in an "on" state".
In both situations the TV screen is black.

I checked event viewer and there wasnt anything out of place except an event id 1000, which I had a quick google for and it seemed it could be graphic drivers, which i updated last night (through windows update only)

Another issue
A secondary issue (which probably isnt releated) is this; since I first built my htpc the power on/off button has been wierd.
I can press the power on and i can hear fans spinning up, the optical drive kick in and the hard drive spin up but often it will just stay in that state without loading the bios etc. Pressing the power button a second time turns the machine off instantly.

I sometimes have to press the power on/off button 5-10 times before it eventually kicks in and loads the bios. but as I said its been that way since I built it and it has been that way with 2 different cases and 2 different motherboards which ruled out a motherboard issue to me - but I wonder if it could be releated to my new issue.

Christmas day
I was recording a program on TV in media center while watching a previous recording. when adverts came on in the prog i was watching i started skip;ping through them, but the computer decided to reboot for no apparent reason and without any kind of error (or possibly the event id 1000 I mention above).

This morning the computer was off again so I did the usually pressing power on/off loads of times til the bios kicked in, but today the computer shut down after the bios had loaded and before windows could load.

I repeated this quite a few times with the same result, the computer would shut down at a totally random point - I always got past the memory check but then it would shut down, I even managed to enter the bios a few times but then it would just shut down before i could actually do anything.

so I went and had breakfast and came back tot he machine 30 mins later, took the top of the case off and pressed the power button on and off a few times and it magically booted with no problem.

so i chaecked event viewer and theres nothing listed, i rebooted and run the MS mem tester which didnt find any errors. I checked the temps and voltages in the bios and they also look fine.

So now the machine is working fine again but i have no idea what is going on and its a little worrying. Is there anything I could or should be testing? Are all these issues related? I appriciate any help or advice

Intel Core 2 duo 7500 2.9ghz
4 GB ram
Mobo is Asus P5N7A-VM
TV card BlackGold BGT3595

Case is an OrigenAE S10v with imon display which I mention because it maybe relivent to the power on/off
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  1. neither hard drives, nor memory, nor MBs, nor PSUs last forever....

    I'd start by reseating memory and video card, and perhaps ensuring cpu/heat sink has not melted off it's thermal paste....
  2. no those suggestions didnt help (graphics are onboard)

    I was just watching a movie and the computer rebooted for no reason, when screen before windows came on that says "start windows normally, safe mode etc" I chose normal and hit enter but it didnt continue booting, it shut down
  3. This time i turned off auto reboot to see if there was any bluescreen but it just rebooted again with no bluescreen
  4. solved this on my own, this forum wasnt much help :(
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