Configuration compatibility (Motherboard + Memory + Processor)

Hellow everybody!

I am planning to buy this :

CORSAIR MÉMOIRE PC XMS3 2 X 4 GO DDR3-2000 PC3-16000 CL9 (CMX8GX3M2A2000C9) (

ASUS M4A89TD PRO ATX - AMD 890FX - Socket AM3
(spec from constructor :


And I would like to know if it will work cause I don't know how to verify compatibility!

I looked at the asus website for the motherboard to be sure that it accept DDR3-2000 and it said 2000 O.C.
But on the website of the motherboard's seller it said nowhere that it accept DDR3-2000.

I have also an other question, can I have compatibility problem with the processor or not ?

And if my motherboard finally does not support DDR3-2000 can the RAM just go slower and will adapt to the motherboard even running under his capability?

Thank you very much for helping!

And merry Christmas :).
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  1. MB is capable of running PC2000 at 1666 or 1333 MHz/lower mem speeds...

    Go to Asus website, to confirm CPU will be properly detected by the MB BIOS...
  2. I probably don't really need 8 go but I would like to have really quick RAM just in case and because I hope getting better performance, the crossfire motherboard is probably a good idea in case I want to add a second graphic card :).

    How can I now that my ram is compatible with the mother board I have choosen.

    I am convince that my processor is recognize by the mother board, but if someone could confirm would be great.

    I am living in Belgium, so the stuff should be buyable from there^^.

    If you have another idea for a 2000 MHz ram that I could use and will be compatible with my motherboard, I agree of course, but the price should be maximum 150 €.
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