Help me deciding the tier of the graphic card.

i am currently using ati 4870 512mb

i want to know what level of performance of my gfx compare to the latest gen
i mean, is 4870 equal to 5550 or gts450?

some benchmark i seen shows that 4870 have higher performance than 5770 although very little...
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  1. the 4870 is around a 5770, which is slightly faster than the gt450. those reviews we're probably taken at launch, and the newer cards get a bit faster with newer driver releases.
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    It may change depending on settings, but according to this chart, which is a composite of several games, they are roughly the same, favoring the 4870.,2488.html
  3. thx alot guys... im having problem in deciding what kind of gfx should i buy since i really dont want to upgrade if the increasement is only 3-4 fps :p..., afterall latest bechmark always negates the old gen even if the benchmark is using low tier gfx
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  5. For a worthwhile upgrade you'll want at least an HD6850 or GTX 460 1gb. At high resolutions they are approximately 40% faster than your HD4870 at stock speeds and both can usually overclock a very large amount on top of that(30%+).
  6. yes and im considering HD6850 than gtx 4601gb... im afraid if i buy another AMD cards, i will be very pissed when opening an TWIMTBP titles game and some games really2 favor nvidia or have really poor optimzation towards AMD like in the case of NSF Shift..

    which are better? or i really should wait a couple of months for next gpu release?
  7. TWIMTBP only sometimes means the game will favor Nvidia cards. There are lot that don't actually. When you look at reviews there's always those games mixed in there anyway so overall benchmarks take the TWIMTBP games into account.
  8. 5770 is about the same as 4870

    both are 14% faster than 450.
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