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I need help with my cable management as I'm building my first PC. My computer case is AZZA Fantom 900 Black (link : I jsut wanted to know if I can put my cables under the motherboard tray or I have to sneak them under the MOBO (between the tray and the motherboard)?

Also, if you have any tips for cable management, feel free to give them to me!

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  1. I think you want to put your cables behind the motherboard tray.

    Because you have a bottom mounted psu, it is likely that the 4 or 8 pin cpu power lead may be too short, It is ugly to run it over the motherboard, and I suggest you buy an extension like this:
  2. I don't know how to put my cables under my motherboard tray.. Yeah I may sound like a noob but it's true.

    You mean I must put my cables and wires through these holes (they are red circled)? So my cables will passe through the bottom hole and will come up from the top hole. What I want to know is, do you have any more advices for my cable management?
  3. Yeah try running the wires through the holes and see what you can achieve. I've only built 1 comp as of now, and I've found you might need to get a little creative with cable management. Just use trial-and-error and see how you can tweak and refine it to make it look better.
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