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Hello there!

I am trying to upgrade my BIOS version, and my question is: how can I find the appropriate ROM files for my bios?!
I know how to upgrade it, I have the software and created the boot image too, flash is working fine. The problem is I could find only an OLD rom for my bios, and unfortunately I have downgraded the bios (did not save before-rom copy). Which is not a problem, cos its fine now too, but the previous bios was the same, not enough for me.
The main source why Im trying to upgrade, is memory limit....dont go into this please we discussed this in another topic (, So I need the following:

The bottom line is HOW can I find the newest bios rom file for my motheroard, when its not a common brand like asus, acer, etc.

Its a laptop named: Uniwill L51AIO (or L51AI), but it was put to the market under the Novatech name too...
I searched the Uniwill's website but it gives only a bios ver 1.02 (I had 1.05 before), and I need a newer, better!

I am wondering if ... could not my motherboard use a shiny new bios rom which was not made exactly for my motherboard, but it would fit!? How can I find a bios rom, and decide if it would fit in to my rom just fine or not??
Or I can ONLY use the default Uniwill 1.02 file and there is no such option I want?

Any help will be appreciated!

Please help me Im lost in the jungle and cant get home! :D

Have a nice day there:)
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  1. It does seem that the 1.02 bios is the latest available for download. The 1.05 shown on the Unwill page may work? Do you really want to take the chance and use it? I am guessing that it is a 2007-2008 model is is no longer supported with new bios. Did you buy it new? Did it come new with the 1.05? To get right to your question, if the manufacturer does not provide the bios you can not get it. The only other way is if a friend has the same comp. with the 1.05 you could make a copy of it and then use it. Replacing the chip is risky. Is it hard soldered or does it plug into the socket? Even if it is a plug in you would need to get the part from Unwill. Have you tried contacting them? So it does seem you do not have a clear choice to to get a "newer, better!".
  2. Ive bought it locally, in used condition...but it does not matter, its working, and of cors I wont find only "legacy" drivers, and support for this. Uniwell is not a global brand, its not like I'd buy an Asus notebook..
    Well, the bios version was 1.05, but I used the manufacturers ROM file and updated (downgraded) to 1.02 (I did not save the 1.05) but it does not matter, cos with that 1.05 the situation was the same!
    So I need a newer..

    The real question is if I could decide in any ways that this bios/MB would accept another laptops bios ROM (like an acer amilo xy, etc), and upgrade my bios with that.
    Is there any way I can decide which other notebooks bios rom file would fit to my bios?
  3. Using a bios from any other make/model will most likely brick (kill) your laptop.
  4. Agree maybe sell it on ebay, save your money and buy a newer comp. GL
  5. Thanks for the replies!
    Have a good day!
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