What Is The Best Graphics Card?

Hey all,

I am building a new gaming machine and i am wondering which graphics card to buy, i was thinking that i should get dual 5870's or mabye a single 5970.
What your opinion on the matter? Should i go with Nvidia mabye?


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  1. What's your budget, your system specs and the games that you play (or wish to play)..?? 5870's in Crossfire generally perform better compared to a single 5970..
  2. and what's your monitor resolution?
  3. My monitor res is 1920 x 1080 (Acer G245), but im hoping to buy another 2, so i can run eyefinity.
    I going to be playing all sorts of games, but i dont really have a budget.....

    What do you guys think though...... Radeon or Nvidia?
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    if you dont really have a budget, and are looking for something crossfire or sli or something to run 3 monitors then 2 x gtx480's is going to be the faster option that also has physx acceleration for the few games that support this. They also use a lot of power and create a lot of heat. If your not fussed about physx, then ati is also quite good, but crossfire does not give the same performance increase as sli. i think you will be happy with either 2 x 5870's or 2 x gtx 480/470's with 3 monitors. If your willing to wait, amd will release its new higher end cards soon.
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  6. Thanks heaps, i think i might go with dual gtx 480, as i can run three screens with that... and much more
  7. Make sure your motherboard supports SLI and your PSU is good enough for handling dual GTX 480's..
  8. get a nice motherboard so you can add another gtx 480 later! make sure you have sufficieent cooling though
  9. Keep in mind that anything over twin 470's puts you in the realm of a PSU greater than 850 watts in size where prices start to jump for premier units. At this point, the twin 470's are a great deal.....but with the new ATI card hitting prices may continue to drop and then again possibly with the new of the 580 having been dropped.

    My hi end gaming builds of late have mostly been the Antec DF-85 / CP-850 or HAF / Corsair HX 850 PSU combo, Asus Rampage 3 Extreme, 3 x 2GB of CAS 6 Mushkin DDR-3 memory, twin 470's, a 120 GB SSD, 1 TB HD and Meghalems COU cooler
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