High cpu temp

Hi guys,

Sorry for this to be my first post but its bugged me for too long now and after today i need your help.

Heres my spec,

Asus p6x58d-e
Intel i7 930 (4.0Ghz)
Corsair h50 (push pull)
Corsair xms3 (3x2gb)
Bfg 8800gts 320mb oc
Crusial c300 64gb
Hitachi deskstar 725050 gla 360 (500gb 7200rmp sata)
Maxtor 500gb 5400 rpm sata
SAMSUNG SH-S223B Super WriteMaster SATA DVD Rewriter Drive
5 120mm fans (not including h50 pushpull).
Corsair TX650W power supply
Fractal design R3 case.

Basically my problem is my cpu temp, if i run prime95 the temps rise all the way into the 90's continuously untill i *** myself and turn it off after around 10mins. At idle, temperatures are between 49-54C typically. What made me make this post is after having my pc left on since friday morning i was just playing BFBC2 when realtemp alarms sounded and i see a logged temp of 100C on my first core! At the moment they are at 62C idle. Obviously something isnt right. As if i didnt know that already.

I've tryed numerous fan configurations aswell as reseated my cpu twice, which i must say i find hard with the h50. Bad seating could be responsible but im not convinced. I'm using Arctic mx-3 paste. I went for the rice grain technique last, which i was fairly confident spread equally. Note my H50 pump is connected via a molex.

My fans are arranged as so. One on the base, side and front as intakes, two ceiling fans exhausting. The push pull config on my h50 are acting as intakes being directly exhausted by the ceiling fans. Comparing temperatures i found a decrease of 4-5C with the h50 fans as intakes as opposed to exhausts.

I got the processor board and ram as a pre overclocked bundle from overclockers.co.uk. There customer support has been usefull but by no way solved the problem. The last option they could think of was to lower the cpu voltage from 1.35 untill i notice instabilities then put it up by 2 increments. I got to around 1.28 before i began to think that was quite alot id reduced it by and stopped (without any instabilities apparent). Temperatures did decrease but not significantly. Should i keep going lower, if so how would instabilities be apparent?

What next people? I'm pretty much out of ideas. All i can think of now is to check my cpu for curvature using a razor blade, or do away with the H50 and buy an aftermarket cooler.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. From your post: "My fans are arranged as so. One on the base, side and front as intakes, two ceiling fans exhausting. The push pull config on my h50 are acting as intakes being directly exhausted by the ceiling fans. Comparing temperatures i found a decrease of 4-5C with the h50 fans as intakes as opposed to exhausts. "

    This looks like your case:

    Ah, you've already found the "trick" of setting up the H50 fans as INTAKE, shaves off a few degrees....

    I would suggest adding the second, optional, intake fan on the front panel....this won't solve your CPU issues but will keep your case and hard drives cooler.....

    For a quick fix, I would return your system to Stock clocks and voltages. Download & install GPU-Z to see the values.

    My i7-930 & i7-950 systems run :

    - idle voltage 0.928
    - load voltage 1.2 volts
    - idle temp 30C
    - load temp after a hour of Prime95 57C

    The conservative folks run 70C under Prime95. Those that push 'em run 80C......

    IF YOUR STILL RUNNING 50C--60C @ idle your CPU cooler just isn't cutting it.
    H50 :
    - is the pump running? (can you hear it or feel vibration)
    - is the pump circulating fluid? (can you feel the liquid flowing thru the tubes)

    If it's working.... Then H70 might do a bit better...than the H50.

    If NOT, Here are the coolers I use to get the results listed above:
    - Noctura NH-U12P SE2 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835608014
    - Venomous X (dual Noctua fans http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835608004 )

    Yeah I overclock but your running too dam hot to even think about overclocking...

    BTW, I run 70C max under Prime95 at 3.6Ghz.... but that's for later for you gotta run STOCK first.
  2. Thanks for your reply.

    The pump vibrates and i hear fluid in motion when i turn the computer on so id say that side of things is ok. I think if i have to change the cooler ill go for the noctura instead of the h70. Im beguinning to loose my confidence in self contained water cooling.

    I've just loaded default settings and cpu temps are down to 47C idle. 80C after just 5 mins of the realtemp prime sensor test.

    Did you mean cpu-z instead of gpu-z? Cpu-z is reading a idle voltage of
    load voltage 0.968, load 1.192.

    My power supply is now making a high pitch whine after loading defaults. Speed fan puts Vcore at 0.97V, +12V 11.35 and AVcc at 3.31V. I shall check the +12V rail with a multi meter in the morning to ensure accuracy.
  3. Yeah, CPU-Z, type-O on my part....

    Looks like you are down to Stock voltages. Are you also down to Stock clocks? (2.8Ghz I believe ... or is it 2.93Ghz)

    Temps are better but, Yeah, temps are just too high.
  4. What about the H50 radiator? Did you dismount the fans and gave the radiator fins a thorough clean? They're placed very close together, which increases the heat dissipation surface, but also facilitates *** gathering up. Obstructed airflow is a major ihibitor to cooling. Some canned air could do the trick.
  5. Yeah im at stock clocks of 2.8ghz. I'm going home next weekend so plan to grab the stock i7 cooler and test temps with that.

    Jay thanks for the info. I've not checked the fins tonight but will in the morning. I do remember getting similar temps after doing a complete clean of dust.
  6. If funds are tight, go for the stock cooler, you should be able to play games with reasonable temperatures....

    Stock cooler will give you lower idle temps.
    It will keeps things cooler under Prime95 loading too, but, you hit mid- 70C.
    You can't OC with the stock cooler.
    And, yeah the stock cooler is pretty darn loud.....
  7. You can try changeing the fans in your case to high air flow witch will give your better heat to cool ratio. You can also try to leave your front door open while you are using the computer to do prime95 and to play games. By the chance is your computer near a heat vent or infront of a window?
  8. I am willing to buy a aftermarket cooler if nessesary. But im not sure if it is now.
    Ace my computer is under a desk beside some draws. It has got quite hot under there when running prime and gaming. Moving it from there is an option im trying to avoid to retain desk space. It is out of sunlight with a window about 2 meters from it.

    Today i cleaned the radiator and jesus had i underestimated how quick dusts gathers. There was pretty much a complete slab there about 3mm thick.
    I also removed the side fan to stop any turbulance and put it on the front as an intake
    Reversed the back push pull fans on the H50 to now exhaust air.
    Reversed my powersupply to pull in air from inside the case, (im aware that this could cause internal turbulance) rather than from the base of the case.

    On default settings im now getting idle temp of 30C and load temp of 57C. This is definatly alot better, what do you think guys, is this reasonable for default settings. Should i now experiment with overclocked settings?
  9. I couldnt help myself,

    with overclocked settings

    load (after 10 mins of prime)-93C

    any ideas on getting these lower?
  10. Okay, so, at stock clocks you match my temps (earlier posting)

    My i7-930 & i7-950 systems run :

    - idle voltage 0.928
    - load voltage 1.2 volts
    - idle temp 30C
    - load temp after a hour of Prime95 57C


    Did you install the Second front intake 120mm on the front of the case as suggested??? Once you do I'd try flipping the H50 push pull to intake again, many report this is good for about 5C lower temps....

    Main Culprit is the OC what are your settings?
    - idle voltage 0.xxx ?
    - load voltage 1.xx volts ?
    - BCLK ?
    - CPU clock rate 3.XX Ghz ?

    Try leaving voltage STOCK, and increasing BCLK till you crash, then back off a few Mhz.... Check temps....
  11. I installed a second intake on the front. I did this along with the other changes so cant say how much that helped.
    I'll flip the H50 push pull back.

    Using cpu-z it shows
    -idle voltage 1.336V
    -load voltage 1.344V
    -BCLK 200mhz
    -CPU clock rate 4.00ghz

    I bought the cpu, motherboard and ram as a preoverclocked bundle so im very new to overclocking. It is likely other settings they might have changed will effect the overclock if i follow the steps you just posted?
  12. I can run 3.3Ghz to about 3.6Ghz on stock voltages and keep the temperatures about 70C max. If I run higher voltages needed to run higher BCLKs I hit 80C to 90C in a hurry.

    4Ghz is a nice bragging rights number, good for posting at the pub.... or benchmark numbers

    But, I don't believe you would want to run there for a daily driver. I run 3.2Ghz to 3.33Ghz for daily use....

    Try this, go back to stock voltages & clocks. Pick your favorite game Demo loop. Mark down the FPS. Now run your OC settings, I believe you will find only minor improvements in FPS. So why push your CPU to the point of melting?

    If I want more FPS, I buy a bigger GPU card, or two.... MUCH more effective at bumping up FPS....

    Reset the BIOS to default settings. There is usually a way in the BIOS itself. Then read a few overclocking tutorials and have at it.

    BOTTOM LINE: I don't believe anyone can run Prime95 loads on an i7-9XX series and stay under a reasonable 70C in a normal setting. Maybe with some dry ice. Or liquid nitrogen. Or a water cooler with a card radiator on it.....

    But hey, I could be wrong....
  13. haha nice, yeah 4ghz would be nice but i probably dont need.

    I just put the voltage down to 1.200 with the BCLK still at 200 and it bluescreened a few minutes into prime so thats it, ill read some tutorials and start from default.

    A new graphics card is next on the list, this one has done me so well in the past, but now its the one thing dragging my pc down. Its going to be both a very sad and happy day when i upgrade.

    Thankyou for your help!

    I'll let you know when i get 4.0ghz and reasonable temps!
  14. Honestly i wouldn't run the i7 930 pass 3.8ghz with the corsair h50 or unless you have a real water cooling system. Also your idle is really high, my temps on idle on my i5 sandybridge is around 27c-33c overclocked to 4.2ghz using oc genie on my MSI motherboard...Prime 95 torture test for 2hours i get 55c at 1.3 volts. Im using the Prolimatech Armageddon heatsink with 2 140mm fans in pushpull setup. Maybe you should look at the Rasa watercooling kit, it's only about $125 at svc.com. Comes with everything you need and easy to install..

  15. Ahh thanks for the post, that kit looks sweet. Im not just if i can justify buying something like that just yet. I need a new graphics card before i buy anything else, except perhaps a heatsink.

    I think im ready to do away with the H50. Would you say i could get 4.0ghz with reasonable temps using a cooler such as ur Armageddon?
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