New PC or upgrade enough?

Hello, currently my PC specs are:

Intel Pentuim 4 640 3.2 ghz
3 gb ram
on board intel 82852 graphics

I was wondering if buying a newer video card would be enough to play games on this PC or is the processor too old and should I just buy a new pc?

Thank you.
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  1. It will allow for some casual gaming with a card like HD4650/70 but starting anew is a better option if gaming is the plan.
  2. What kind of PC should I be looking for? I want to go intel. Is there a huge difference between i3 and i5?
  3. A good build would be I5 760 (bare in mind a new Sandy bridge platform coming out next month) P55 motherboard with GTX460 or HD6850 GPU.
    I3 530 and I5 650 compared
    The gap widens if you go up to I5 760 which some people consider the sweat spot for gaming.
  4. Thanks a lot. I'm gonna buy that video card and start saving up for a new PC.
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