Worth upgrading or start from scratch?


I would like to get opinions whether it is worth updating components into this system or are some of the parts holding back the rest too much.

More specifically, is it worth buying a new graphic card + more RAM or is the processor too slow to keep up with anything new?

System specs:
PCU: Intel Pentium D 820 (2800 Mhz)
Video Card: Intel G33 Chipset - Integrated Graphics 0 [AsusTek]

Thank you in advance.
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  1. I'd say, build a new one. The performance vs price margin between upgrading and building from scratch isn't that much. Especially if you only replace the motherboard, CPU, PSU and RAM.

    Here's the minimum specs low down:

    Dual core CPU: $50
    Decent GPU: $50
    M/B: $50
    GPU: $50
    2GB DC DDR3: $30 (4GB will cost double)
    Decent 400W PSU: $40 (considering your current one is aging)

    That's a total of approx. : $270. Pretty cheap IMO
  2. Quote:
    what's your budget.?

    Quite limited...about 200 euros.
  3. That is really limited :(
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