Timmings on SB

Hello, well I cant decide wich RAM buy:
Ripjaws 1600
4X4gb Timings: 9-9-9-24 1.5V
Gskill 1600
4X2gb Timings:6-8-6-24 1.6V

price almost the same...

thnx on advance!
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  1. =O ? the first one I had to asume... =D

    amm... its tooo big the diferences that make the timings? or the memory??? wich its better? best timming? or more memory?
  2. Definitely the 4X4GB ones. More memory is always better, timings don't affect performance much. Plus they will run slightly cooler with a lower voltage.
  3. Thnx =) but there is no big differences beetwen 16gb and 4gbs setups=S ill buy just 4 GBs =) jaja thnx to all! =)
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